Battle of Gospel Stars Crusade

CCFCA Breaking the Chains Outreach Ministry Against Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking and Sexual Assault/Abuse kicked off their “3rd Annual Fundraiser” to build Safe Houses for victims of Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking and Sexual Abuse at Elder Janice Martin’s Restoring Hope and Deliverance Church, 4307 7-Lakes Plaza, West End, NC, Sunday June 9, 2019.

The Fundraiser this year is titled “ Battle of Gospel Stars Crusade” set for Saturday, September 7, 2019 at Sidney Groves Church of Deliverance Agape Center, 401 McIntyre Road, in Ellerbe, NC from 4:00pm -5:00pm. During the next three months CCFCA Breaking the Chains will promote Battle of Gospel Stars Gospel Fest Crusade in Churches throughout Moore, Richmond , Scotland Cumberland and other Countries signing on local Gospel groups or solo artists. Groups or solo artists can register by calling (910) 474-2589. There will be a registration fee and a chance to win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place cash prizes.

Groups wishing to perform should call (910) 474-2589 to register. The theme will be “Growing God” and main attraction will be Twelve years old Gospel Recording Artist, Taralyn Harris from Fayetteville, NC. Chief Apostle Joseph Cleveland Jr. from Kings Mountain, NC will be accomplished by Bishop Arlester Simpson and Elder Janice Martin for the introduction.

Growing God is the vision of CCFCA Breaking the Chains for victims to holistically arrive at an attitude and awakening to glorify God’s will breaking free from abuse. His mercy is on us as we travel a path that is righteous and faithful. God gives us his mercy . As we are undeserving He lifts us and bring us to peace and joy. His sacrifice has been so great that we can only praise Him. We will sing from earth to heaven. He is our Maker, our love, joy, peace and creator forever ad for this purpose, we present this year’s Fundraiser as Growing God says event promoters Isaac and Schwarz. For Tickets call (910) 474-2589.