Sponsor the Pinecrest DECA Organization

The Pinecrest High School DECA Organization has begun their Competition Sponsor Campaign. Funds raised will be used to offset costs of attending competitions. DECA is an academic club aimed to develop students to become emerging business leaders, and your donation will help young students learn and grow in their desired business department. 

The sponsorship program will require you to sponsor the Pinecrest DECA Organization, at each level of donation the recognition of your brand sponsorship will increase, our highest level of sponsorship deal is $200 but extra funds will be greatly appreciated. All received funds will offset competition costs, each member will need to pay $20 in order to become a DECA member, and another $155 in order to compete in the state competition, we currently have approximately 35 students eager to participate. We will also be going to the Career in Sports Marketing Education day which costs $36 per person. Sponsorship form is attached with the email. 

DECA is a global organization aimed to promote and educate young students to become proficient in business and develop them into future business leaders. We currently are in our second year of DECA participation within Pinecrest, if you have children or grandchildren studying in Pinecrest High School and is interested in business, do not hesitate in signing him/her up for DECA and donate some funds to help our students. We will be accepting new members until Christmas break, the requirement is that the student must have taken a business CTE curriculum. On November 15th 2019 we will also be going to the Career in Sports Marketing Education day, forms due before October 31st. Further DECA information available at www.decadirect.org. DECA sign up forms is available in Pinecrest high school room 3101 – Carlos Rodriguez. 

Thank you for your interest in donating to Pinecrest High School DECA Organization!