Here for Moore Good: COVID-19 Relief for Businesses

JuBilee Screen Print Inc has served Moore County and the surrounding area with screen printing and embroidery for nearly thirty years. Now, the family-run business is serving the county with their latest project: Here for Moore Good. 

The “Here for Good” movement began sweeping the country in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. Nationwide, small business have been recruited to help raise brand awareness and encourage community involvement through the printing and selling of locally-branded t-shirts.

“I looked into it and realized it was a great idea that would work for Moore County,” explained Judy McNeill. “Since I wanted to bring attention to local businesses here in the county, I decided to call ours Here for Moore Good.”

Here for Moore Good  is run in an effort to help make up for potential lost income during this time. While many storefronts may be barred from operating, running on reduced hours, or relying solely on curbside pickup, purchasing a shirt promoting your favorite local business is a great display of support during these trying times.

Local businesses are in charge of promoting their brand’s t-shirts through social media, emails, newsletters, and store-front advertising. When a customer, client, patron, or donor purchases a t-shirt, JuBilee Screen Printing Inc fulfills the order for the shop.

Shirts for local businesses sell for $20, and for every shirt that is sold, that business receives $10. There is no risk involved for the local business, as there is no up-front money required and no potential loss. Each shirt sold results in ten dollars pure profit for the business with no hidden fees.

“Within four days of the project starting, one business had already sold twenty shirts!” said Judy. “That’s two hundred dollars in profit for that business.”

JuBilee Screen Printing is currently looking to recruit local businesses who would like to spread awareness, raise some money, and provide their customers with high-quality merchandise. The Bell Tree, Seven Lakes Kennels, and Medleyanna’s are just a few of the many businesses already on board for the cause.

Business t-shirts are being added daily, so be sure to check the website often to see who you can help support.

For more information on the Here for Moore Good movement or to place an order, visit .  JuBilee Screen Print Inc can be reached at (910) 673-4240