A Poem Of Praise

The following was submitted by Minister Samuel Remble of First Baptist Church in Southern Pines.

As we face the challenge and chaos of the unknown enemy,

That we call the Coronavirus, let us pray beyond what we can see,

Let us be reminded that for the believer, FAITH determines our destiny,

And, that Fear can only appear to be real, but it’s not reality,

So, in the midst of what we’re going through, remember that only YOU,

Can give God the praise, that He is so justly due,

Never cease to praise Him for what He’s already done,

Knowing that it was He that gave His only begotten Son,

Praise Him in the morning, noon and even at night,

Praise God when it’s cloudy or when the sun is shining bright,

Pray that He delivers us from this deathly virus each and everyday,

Pray that God has mercy upon us and let Him hear you say,

God we thank you and we praise your holy name,

We know that you change not and your Word remains the same,

So, God we bless you and we stand in love and anticipation,

And, God we thank you for your grace, your mercy and your salvation.

Minister Samuel Remble   4/20/2020