Save THOUSANDS On Roofing Costs!

George and Anita Berg opened the doors of their Roofmaxx business just months ago, but they have already saved local clients over $300,000 in roofing costs.

Roofmaxx is a company that began three years ago when the Feazel brothers discovered a product that could extend the life of a roof, saving the thousands it would cost to replace it.

“An engineer friend of mine had his house done in Raleigh,” George said.  “He said to check it out.”

The friend, who was selling his home, was being offered $30k-$40k less than his asking price due to the roof’s condition.  After a Roofmaxx treatment, his home sold for just $5k less than the asking price.

Roofing shingles are made out of 3 parts: the fiberglass backing, asphalt, and granulars.  In the same way that roads crack and get pot holes due to dryness, the asphalt on the roof also dries out.

“If one part fails, they all fail,” George said.  “The shingles expand and contract with heat.  They dry out and stop expanding after 8 years in North Carolina.  We put the lubricant back into it.”

Roofing that is 8 to 15 years old is eligible for a Roofmaxx treatment.  However, this treatment is a preventative only.

“If the roof is over 20-25 years old and the shingles have not been replaced, you’re probably past that point,” George explained.

Roofmaxx treatment consists of methyl ester oil which comes from soy beans.  The product is sprayed onto the shingles and is absorbed by the asphalt within 30 minutes, lubricating it and extending its life.

“It’s like lotion for your hands,” George said.

One Roofmaxx treatment has a five-year transferrable warranty, although the product can last up to 15 years.  Multiple treatments may be done over the years to prevent the need for a roof replacement.

With a cost being roughly 15-20% of a roofing replacement, it’s no wonder clients are opting to have Roofmaxx.

One neighbor that had his roof replaced last summer spend about $24,000.

“He said he wouldn’t have done that if he had known,” George explained.  “That cost is the equivalent to a good vacation in Europe.”

Roof treatments typically take just one or two hours per home.  The Bergs have done roof treatments in Moore County, Sanford, Rockingham, Laurenburg, Spring Lake, and more.

Several retired clients chose Roofmaxx to help their children when it came time to sell their home.

“They didn’t want their kids’ inheritance to go to that ‘big ticket’ item,” George said.  “This product is endorced by almost every home inspector in the US.  Home inspectors love us.  It’s the best there is.”

In addition to the oil, the treatment also consists of 15% natural cleaner, bringing back that original color that fades over the years.

Roofmaxx was recently bought into by one of the original Shark Tank sharks, Kevin Harrington, who bought into the company about 25%.  With a product that is eco-friendly, it’s not surprising that it’s getting so much attention.

“Why throw shingles into landfills when you can retain them, save money, and save the environment?” George asked.

George and Anita have had the assistance of Sam Ransdell from Burney Hardware in Seven Lakes to help get their company started.  They were able to borrow a forklift to move chemicals as a neighborly gesture.

“It really helps out when you have really good solid neighbors,” George said.

The Bergs hope to use their success to help give back to the community.  George sponsored four scholarships at his old high school in California.  Being a big fan of sports, he also hopes to sponsor some local teams in Moore County in the coming seasons.

To learn more about Roofmaxx, visit  Email George at or call (910) 690-2507 to ask about a quote.  Located at 320 MacDougall Drive in West End.