North Side Pool Opens With COVID-19 Precautions

The Seven Lakes Landowner’s Association announced on July 8th that their pool would be opening on Friday, July 10th.

Their hesitancy to open the pool was met with mixed responses while the Seven Lakes West pool has been open for weeks – allowing entry after a waiver has been signed by residents.

Seven Lakes North is allowing the opening of their pool along with strict guidelines due to COVID-19.

The pool will be open 12:00pm-7:00pm, and no guests will be permitted – only residents.

Swimmers will need to sign a waiver and show ID for entry. A pool card will also be necessary to open the gate, as in previous years.

Only 30 people will be allowed within the pool area at a time, and only one family is permitted in the Kiddie pool area at a time. The pool area furniture and umbrellas have been removed for extra precaution.

In order to remain sanitary, swimmers will be asked to get out of the pool every two hours for cleaning. There will be no swim lessons or classes and no “Lost and Found.”

The Landowner’s Association has also specified that should we resume back to Phase 1 of COVID-19 safety protocol, the pool will close once again.

For more information regarding the opening of the North Side swimming pool, call the Landowner’s Association at (910) 673-4931.