Spring Ballroom Dance Lessons Available At North Side Clubhouse

Sharon Nichols has forty-five years of experience as a dance instructor and currently teaches classes at the Seven Lakes North Clubhouse on Tuesday nights at 6:30 PM.

Sharon has always had a love for music and dancing.  She began receiving formal ballroom dance training after college and proceeded to dance competitively.  After realizing her passion to teach, she began managing dance studios.

“I ran dance studios for years and years…,” she said.  “I love what I do.  I’m very passionate about teaching and making sure people get it.”

For the past ten years, Sharon has been an on-site trainer for American Dance Productions.  With this position, she is able to travel to various locations in the community to teach rather than having students meet her at a studio.

Although she has mentored competitive ballroom dancers in the past, Sharon is currently teaching ballroom dance as a social skill.

“There are three levels of dance: competition, show dance, and social dancing,” Sharon explained.  “[About] 99% [of students] are interested in social dancing.”

Ballroom dancing is claimed to be fun and give a boost in social confidence.   These skills can be used in a variety of environments including weddings, cruises, and dinner parties.

“[You] go to have a good time,” Sharon said.  “It’s easy and fun; bring a sense of humor!”

Seven Lakes South resident Kay Withers has been under Sharon’s instruction for about a year.  After taking lessons with her at the Elks Lodge, Kay asked for Sharon to come and teach in Seven Lakes.

“We kind of found each other,” Kay said.

Sharon began teaching in Seven Lakes in the summer of 2017.  The class had such a good response that she continued to offer a fall session and will now be offering a spring session from February 6th – May 29th.

“Even beginners can come: those with two left feet or who don’t know their left from right,” Sharon said.  “If a wife wants to come and the husband isn’t sure, I encourage them to come just for one class.  If he hates it, he doesn’t have to come back, but he won’t hate it… Sometimes it’s the husband dragging the wife back!”

Classes are organized so that students can begin at any time without getting left behind.  Missing a class or simply showing up in the middle of a session is not an issue.

“It’s not taught in a sequence,” Kay explained.

It is not necessary to bring a partner to class, as partners change during classes.

“Everyone gets to dance no matter what,” Sharon said.  “The whole idea is to have fun… When you go to dance and see people on the floor having a good time, that’s it.”

The class is available to North & South Side residents.  Non-residents may attend with a sponsor.  Young adults in high school are also welcome to join.

The cost of a class is $10 per person or $20 for a couple.  Leather-bottom shoes or low heels are preferred.  Sneakers are not desirable.

Classes take place at the Seven Lakes North Clubhouse at 6:30 PM on Tuesday nights.  For those who are unable to attend on Tuesdays, Sharon also hosts a class on Thursdays at 6:30 PM at the National Athletic Village in Southern Pines.

For more information about the ballroom dance classes, contact Sharon Nichols at (910) 331-9965 or Sharon@AmericanDanceProductoins.com.