A “Labor of Love”

Loblolly Garden Club members assisted the Sandhills Woman’s Exchange during two ‘clean up’ days on Sept. 1 and 3.  Recent rains and the long closure due to the Co Vid virus brought on an abundance of weeds and the need for trimming and flower planting.  Garden club members have a long-standing ‘Labor of Love’ pledge to help the historical cabin prior to their reopening dates.  The cabin will reopen to the public on Wednesday, September 9.   

Tuesday members helping included Judie Wiggins, Kathy Newcomb, Vicky Byrd and Joanne Mackara.  Thursday workers included Judie Wiggins, Pat Tomasetti, Vicky Byrd, Jo Dawson, Mary Hall Koontz, Sarah Prestipino, Jan Kuklok and Marty Dickinson.