Shoot Some Hoops With Coach Pride

Get pumped up for 2021 with one-on-one basketball lessons with local coach Tramaine Pride.

Lessons are sure to be a slam dunk for aspiring basketball players not just within Seven Lakes, but all across Moore County.

Tramaine Pride—or “Coach Pride” as his trainees call him—has been coaching and training aspiring basketball players since 2009. After playing for Pinecrest, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and Sandhills Community College, he began training students at UNCC and soon found himself with a full roster.

Now, with nearly a decade of experience under his belt and a coaching position at Sandhills Community College, Coach Pride has made the move to Seven lakes and begun offering one-on-one lessons to young athletes looking to develop their skills.

“The best part is seeing their progress,” said Coach Pride. “When we start, I try to learn their goals and what they’d like to work on. From there, I see them grow and their confidence rise.” 

Lesson content varies depending on skill level and age. Coach Pride assesses the capabilities and needs of each trainee and tailors their training sessions for the best fit possible.

Coach Pride’s weekend schedule is flexible, and he is willing to work wherever the trainee is most comfortable.

“Wherever they’re happy, I can make it work,” assures Coach Pride.

Students are free to choose the location for training, whether it’s at the fitness center, Sandhills Community College, or any other court of their choosing.

Aspiring basketball players of all ages are welcome to sign up for lessons with Coach Pride. Lessons typically run twenty dollars an hour. Additionally, Coach Pride is looking forward to organizing free camps and group activities in the future.

Coach Pride spent time with friends in Seven Lakes while growing up and was always drawn to the seemingly idyllic community. Now, he and his wife have purchased a home within Seven Lakes and are looking forward to transitioning their family to life in Moore County.

“We’re glad to be a part of this community where our kids can grow up,” said Coach Pride. “I always thought it was a great place, and now we’re excited to live here, too.”

For more information and to get in contact with Coach Pride, please call 704-746-2411.