Library Lovers

Though Library Lover’s Month may be winding down as February comes to an end, the trips to the local library don’t have to stop! With so many wonderful libraries available to the public in Moore County, it’s never been easier to find the perfect place to get lost in a new book or work on some research.

This March, the Katherine Boyd Library at Sandhills Community College will be highlighting literature written by or about prominent women in celebration of Women’s History Month. Readers are encouraged to come check out an updated selection of both fiction and non-fiction works celebrating women’s achievements. February’s theme was a celebration of Black History Month, with the layout and featured selection routinely changing. 

Library Lover’s Month is more than just a celebration of literature—it’s a celebration of the libraries themselves. Libraries are more than just a means of housing books: they provide scholars of all ages with  a safe, quiet, and studious environment that is conducive to learning and exploration.

In spite of its location on-campus at Sandhills Community College, the Katherine Boyd Library is open to the public and even offers a juvenile fiction area for young readers. The expansive library offers reading nooks, tables, desks, armchairs, and rooms sectioned off to allow readers to get comfortable while working and reading. The library is currently socially distanced for safe and clean seating arrangements.

Currently, the Katharine Boyd Library offers thousands of works in the form of books, DVDs, periodicals, and more. The online database additionally makes searching for relevant media a breeze and is able to be done from home or a mobile device. The Learning Resources Computer Lab, equipped with printers, scanners, laminators, and computer software, provides users with everything they may potentially need for online research.

In addition to books and other media, the Katherine Boyd Library also routinely cycles through various art exhibits. Viewers are invited to visit and walk through galleries of paintings, sculptures, sketches, and other forms of art put on display for the public. Local and national artists and Sandhills Community College students may display collections throughout the year.

The Katherine Boyd Library is open to the public Monday through Saturday. For more information, log on to and search for “library” or visit Sandhills Community College in person at 3395 Airport Road, Pinehurst, NC.