Landscape, Construction & More

This year, turn to Carolina Excavating for your at-home construction and landscape design needs. Owner Frank Gaffney has been providing the sandhills with top-quality excavating and design and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Common services offered by Carolina Excavating include work on drainage systems, grading, retaining walls, driveways, repairs, and storm cleanup. As an excavation contracting service, Carolina Excavating digs, moves, and grades property for various construction projects. Frank relies on his trusty mini excavator to get the bulk of the heavy work done on most job sites.

“I’ll be hands-on the whole job,” said Frank. “You get to deal with me directly, so you know exactly what will be happening and who will be working for you.”

In addition to construction jobs, Carolina Excavating also offers work in landscape design. Services include mulching, spreading pine straw, stump and tree removal, and more. Frank tries to cover most outdoor needs that many clients require assistance with.

Grading a property prior to the installation of a foundation or driveway significantly improves drainage and reduces the chances of potential water problems in the future. Proper drainage is essential to protecting one’s home and property from water damage, especially in low-lying areas.

Frank believes it is important for him to be on-site at all times. While many companies will subcontract jobs or assign a crew, Frank is part of the job from start to finish.

“The most important thing is that I’m on the job every day,” explained Frank. “I don’t just drop off a couple of other guys to do the work and leave. I oversee the work that’s being done and I’m on-site the whole time.”

After calling Moore County home for the past sixteen years, Frank Gaffney enjoys looking out for the local community and intends to continue serving its residents with his business. He has settled in Foxfire, where he launched his business.

For more information on Carolina Excavating or to discuss a free estimate, call (910) 783-7460 or email