Good Dog Memories


The following was submitted by Neil Copeland of Seven Lakes Kennels.

As we go through this awesome journey called life, we hold onto too many memories.

If you had pets in your home growing up or over the years, we have that one that just touched us differently. Little things remind us of the good times and the unconditional love.

I had a boxer as a kid that would follow me over to neighborhood friends and just wait for me outside or he was  always close by.

When I would leave to the next destination, Norm would just be with me. Or all the hounds that my father and I would trial and chase rabbits with. Oh, the memories.

Do you have memories of a specific dog or breed? We as pet owners tend to lean towards a specific breed of dog or have a cat that we remember. I see many families get a breed of pet that they remember. Let us discuss the ups and downs of looking back.

If you are going to get the breed of past, be sure to do your homework. Finding the right dog within the breed is so important. There are many breeders of say German Shepherds, some are made for working, pet or therapy. Most likely the pet of the past was a pet and just a great dog.

However, without doing your homework, you might find yourself in a situation that was not understood initially. Ask the breeder to meet the parents if possible, ask about personalities. I would make sure that both parents are healthy and are mentally stable.

This goes for all breeds. Asking these questions will make that breed of the past a much better experience.

Comparing our pets of the past to the current or future pet is a dangerous road. I listen to many memories of past pets and ultimately the comparisons. Comparing your new pet with the past will set you up for some disappointing moments.

Maybe you do not remember the puppy times, biting, potty training, or play. Maybe the pet of the past potty trained so easily and just got it. The puppy of now will just not get it.

I hear, “I have had this breed in the past and it was just not this hard.”

Our children are all different and comparing them is just not fair.

Like I said above, do your homework and find that puppy that matches your current lifestyle. Create new memories!!

If you are looking to bring back some pet memories and we all should in some capacity, please do your homework. Find the right breeder that will talk about personalities, let you meet the parents and offer health clearances.

I will say that this has been focused on pure breeds and not mixed breeds. If you are intending in getting a rescue. There are many awesome adoption agencies that help with the selection process. Please ask questions and find that great pet that will bring back memories.