Garden Club for the Birds

Jon Davis and Seven Lakes Garden Club Members


Jon Davis, owner of Wild Birds Unlimited in Pinehurst, presented a program for the Seven Lakes Garden Club in January on attracting and enjoying birds in your backyard. His presentation included numerous pictures of birds in his backyard.

Three key factors to providing an effective feeding environment for our birds in your

Garden are food, cleanliness, and water. To attract the birds you want to your garden, you need to supply food they can eat and that is good for them in your feeders. 

Songbirds do not have a beak that can crack shells. They need shelled sunflower seeds and other seeds. Shelled peanuts are especially enjoyed by songbirds. 

Keeping your feeders clean is especially important. Feeders need to be constructed of materials that do not absorb or retain moisture. Check out feeders constructed from recycled milk bottles for durability and long life. Wash your feeders and dry them in the sun for best results. 

Birds need water. Use care in providing a water source for birds. Shallow water that is circulating works best. The birds can see moving water. Consider giving a water wiggler a try.

Jon provided photos and specific information on attracting and feeding birds in gardens. He answered numerous questions for a very interested audience. In addition to Jon’s presentation, there was a display of bird nests with amazing shapes and diverse building materials from Weymouth Woods, and participants also brought nests.