Arts and Nurses Should Stay!

On February 14, a Board of Education meeting was held at Carthage Elementary School.

The meeting started off with the pledge of allegiance which was lead by Joshua Graham, a 2nd grader at Southern Pines Primary School.

Casey Cribbs of Vass Lakeview Elementary was this February’s Certified Staff Member Honoree. Cribbs, who grew up in Cameron, is a first year teacher and is teaching Kindergarten as her first assignment.

Matt Regan is the Support Staff Honoree for February. Reagan is a social worker at Southern Middle School where he mentors young men, buys food for families and takes students to the dentist. Regan also volunteers his time to coach cross country and attends PBIS after school celebrations.

The volunteers of the West End Presbyterian Church Tuesday Tutors are the Growing to Greatness Volunteers of February. The Tuesday Tutors consists of thirty-six tutors and twenty-two support volunteers. Each Tuesday, students from West Pine Elementary School and West Pine Middle School meet with volunteers of the Tuesday Tutors who offer reading, writing and math support to the students.

Moore County’s Teacher of the Year and the speech and debate coach at Pinecrest, Ann Petersen, then introduced the captains of her debate team, Paul Snyder and Emma Smits.

Snyder said his lack of confidence as a freshman is what prompted him to join the debate team. He said that after four years he has gained confidence as well as many beneficial assets that he will carry with him for the rest of his life. Pinecrest’s novice debate team came in 3rd in the state’s novice championship this year and will be traveling to Harvard University to compete with students from around the nation.

Clay Cooper, a senior from Pinecrest then presented an oral interpretation piece. Cooper is ranked first in the nation for oral interpretation.

Dr. Robert Grimsey then explained that the previous week marked National School Counseling Week. Dr. Grimsey praised the thirty-seven school counselors, eleven school social workers and nine school psychologists whose unique contributions help Moore County students achieve academic success.

Finally, the crowd was given an opportunity to speak to the board. Many parents, teachers, students and other members of the community all took part in voicing their concerns.

Aaron Ribet, who teaches physical education at Southern Pines Primary School, rapped about the reasons why the arts are important. To watch his rap, CLICK HERE.

Several parents expressed concern to the board regarding possible cuts to the nursing staff of Moore County Schools.

A mother appeared to speak of her son, a student at Pinecrest High School. She told the board that although her son has decided to play baseball at the College of Charleston, his future a year ago was not as bright. He came home from youth group one day with his arm swollen and purple.

An appointment was made for him to see a doctor, but he saw the school nurse before the appointment because his arm hurt and felt cold. An ultrasound revealed a blood clot in his arm. The school nurse monitored her son everyday and helped him through a very difficult time. Fortunately, after having surgery her son was able to recover.

Dr. Will Stewart, who has practiced pediatrics in Moore County for the past thirty-four years, also spoke to the board about school nurses. He stated that his mission was to not only to convince the board to retain the current number of school nurses, but to expand the program. He quoted Fredrick Douglass saying, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

One speaker offered her appreciation to the Board in advance for their support of the new track that Union Pines High School hopes to have by next year.

The meeting was adjourned and the Board was left with much to consider. Moore County continues to wait to hear what the outcome of the budget crisis will be.