Local Firefighters Train in 600+ Degrees

On Tuesday, June 27th, fire departments from Seven Lakes, West End, and Eagle Springs joined together at a training center for a training session.  The training center provided two buildings in which the firefighters could prepare for emergencies.

One building contained a live fire, causing the interior to heat to temperatures of more than 600 degrees.  Firefighters would gear-up and enter the building where they would carry out their duties before exiting.

Some were able to climb up a ladder and enter the building through a window before scoping the perimeter out the smoke-filled room and exiting the building.  This exercise prepared the firefighters for possible dangerous elements as well as what to do if someone were trapped in a burning building.

Some firefighters were also given the exercise of piecing together and putting on their air-mask gear while in a completely dark room.  This training was issued to help firefighters become familiar with their gear.

This training session was led by Captain Forrest Coxs of the Aberdeen Fire Department.

Eagle Springs Fire Chief Mike St. Onge

West End Firefighter Training with His Gear

Seven Lakes Lieutenant Tim Bouchelle and Cal Loy

Eagle Springs Fire Department