West Side Fireworks Possibly Launching at Different Location

On Tuesday, June 27th, a Seven Lakes West Community Meeting was held at the West Side Community Center.  The meeting opened with the pledge of allegiance to the American flag.

One woman approached the Seven Lakes West Board of Directors in reference to people trespassing onto her property.

“There’s nothing I can do,” she said.  “If they get hurt, who do I blame?”

Board Member Parks Cobb said that the Board would try to help with the matter.

“I’m just stunned that people actually crossed you’re property,” he said.

Board President Jack Lattin then addressed the community regarding rules and regulations, explaining that those who disapprove of a rule may contact them directly.

“Sometimes our rules need to be adjusted…,” he said.  “If you do not like a rule, you need to contact the Board of Directors.  Please respect our dedicated CAS staff and guards.”

There had also been some complaints about the mail service in the community.  The Board agreed to look into the situation.

Board Member Mercedes Herdrick gave the financial report, noting that they had already used a good portion of the allotted funds for various projects.

Herdrick also touched on the topic of Home Owners Association (HOA) dues.  It is ideal for families to pay these dues once a year as a single payment.  However, monthly payments have been allowed as seen fit by the Board.

Herdrick suggested that a final letter be sent to lot owners who are sixty days late on a payment before handing the situation over to a lawyer.

“To allow monthly payers to misuse the monthly payments they have been granted I think is a mistake,” Herdrick said.

“I would even be in favor of figuring out some way for people to pay annually,” Parks Cobb agreed.

“I want to try not to disadvantage or hurt the people who are responsible and paying their dues on a regular basis,” Herdrick explained.

“I would be opposed to telling the community they have to pay annually…” Jack Lattin said.  “I would look for other avenues.

Lattin gave the Community Manager’s Report, announcing that this year’s Fourth of July fireworks may not be set off from the dam.  The Board has recently been notified of the requirement to have a shelter on the island in order to set off fireworks from that location.  As a result, fireworks may be set off from the dam instead.

Lattin announced that the RV storage area, built a year-and-a-half ago is now filled.  The Board also announced that Seven Lakes West currently has twenty-nine homes going up.

It was agreed that two lots will be combined for a certain landowner.  Lots that are recombined may not be separated in the future.  Combined lots only have one set of HOA dues.  Although this can be seen as a loss of revenue in the community, the Board has decided that the absence of wear and tear from a potential family on one of the combined lots is good reason for the reduction.

“We want to encourage people to buy those lots next to them,” Herdrick said.

Cobb mentioned that Johnson Point has officially been repaved.  The repaving of community roads will resume again in August.

The Board is taking action to improve community conditions.  Some of the improvements will be cameras installed in community areas such as the docks, gates on the piers at Johnson Point, and beaver trapping.  Six beavers have already been removed from Lake Auman.  The Board is also planning the repair of the dam erosion, partially caused by Hurricane Matthew.

The Board gave a sincere farewell to Luci Hadlock who will be leaving the CAS staff next month.

“It has been a pleasure the past five years to know Luci,” Lattin said.

“I would like to express my thanks to Luci,” Coppeler said.  “She’s been very patient, understanding, [and] knowledgeable…  The builders come to her with questions, and she can almost always answer them.  And she is almost always right.”

“You will be sorely missed,” Bob Van Houten agreed.

The Board is currently accepting suggestions for community golf cart rules.  Suggestions may be emailed to Maggi at ssandcompliance@7lakeswest.com.