Home Destroyed By Fire In West Side

On Saturday, May 2nd, flames engulfed a 5,000 sq. ft. lakefront home in the Seven Lakes West community.

At 4:38PM that Saturday, the Seven Lakes fire department received the alert of a massive house fire at 114 Pittman Road. First responders reported being able to see the smoke as far away as Highway 211 while on their way to the scene.

Fire stations from all across Moore County responded to the call, including the Seven Lakes, West End, East Wood, Eagle Springs, Pinehurst, Aberdeen, High Falls, Carthage, Whispering Pines, West Moore, and Robbins fire departments.

According to Seven Lakes Fire and Rescue Deputy Chief David Alston, the family and pets made it out of the home safely. They had been alerted by their smoke detector and were able to safely evacuate the home. The family has since been assisted by Red Cross after being displaced by the fire.

Though the responding firefighters worked tirelessly and quickly to put out the blaze, the property was burnt beyond repair. Authorities and first responders worked and remained on the scene for just over four and a half hours, ensuring that all flames had been extinguished and that there was no further threat to the community.