Kiwanis Selling Pumpkins and Mums for West End Elementary

Kiwanis is currently selling pumpkins and mums to raise money for children in the community.

“Everything that we do is for the children,” said Kiwanis Member Bill Pratt.

These funds, along with funds from their phone books, will be donated to West End Elementary School to help build a playground for students in Kindergarten through second grade.

According to Bill Pratt, these young students currently have to walk to the other side of the school’s campus to get to the playground.

“By the time they get there, recess is over,” Pratt said.

“[The funds] go towards the children of Moore County – specifically in Carthage, Robbins, and West End,” past president Pat Weber said.  “[That’s] because of student leadership programs in schools in those areas.”

Kiwanis is currently building up leadership programs in elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools in the area.

“That’s really what it’s all about,” Pat Weber said.  “Raising young people up to be good representatives of the community.”

To help support Kiwanis and their mission, pumpkins and mums may be purchased near First Bank in Seven Lakes, off of HWY 211.