Kiwanis Welcome Speaker Dr. Karen D. Sullivan

Neuropsychologist Dr. Karen D. SullivanNeuropsychologist Dr. Karen D. Sullivan

On November 14th, the Kiwanis welcomed neuropsychologist Dr. Karen D. Sullivan who shared how her own personal experience with Alzheimer’s disease turned her passion into advocacy and helping older adults navigate the aging process.  Adults are increasingly aware of brain health and are actively seeking 
to learn and apply scientifically supported strategies in their everyday lives.    Dr. Sullivan said, “A more science-based approach is needed that educates the public about the genetic and lifestyle factors known to influence brain health throughout a lifetime. In order to experience true brain health, adults must learn to replace the mistruths of the so-called brain fitness industry and be taught science-based recommendations that really work”.  Dr. Sullivan said dementia begins when individuals are young, thru development of the brain before birth, head injuries, emotional injuries, lack of environmental/social development, and physical impairment (such as hearing loss or sight loss).   When memory and confusion interfere with activities of life – money, driving and medication, it is time to see your physician and seek an evaluation.  Keep your mind engaged and stimulated to prevent brain cells from dying.  Socialization is very important for a healthy brain.

More information can be found at her website or Facebook page