N & S Board Discusses Charging Late Fees

On Wednesday, April 25th, a meeting was held at the Seven Lakes North Clubhouse.

The Board touched on a recent topic that had arisen in the community regarding yard signs.  They clarified that political signs are allowed on private property from forty-five days before an election until seven days after the election.

The Board made a motion to have personnel come in and use radar guns within the Seven Lakes North & South community to reduce speeding.  Those found to be speeding would be sent a fine in the mail.

After receiving feedback from residents at the meeting, the Board voted against the motion.

The Board then discussed creating a policy for late payment charges for those with past-due balances.

According to the meeting’s agenda, the charges are “not to exceed the greater of twenty dollars per month or twelve percent of any assessment installment unpaid.  The recommendation is to modify [the] current practice of charging one percent per month to a policy of charging  twenty dollars or one percent per month on all balances greater than thirty days past due.”

A motion is planned to be made on this policy at the next meeting.

“We welcome input from the community,” Board Member Kim Doolittle said.

The Board also discussed purchasing one or two boats, one for maintenance and one for patrol.  According to the Board, the community used to own two boats.  It currently owns a single boat that is in need of repairs and upgrades.

The Board discussed purchasing a rake for the corral and sand beaches, using the money that had been made by selling old equipment.  The Board passed a vote to proceed to purchase the rake in order to begin raking the community beaches before they became crowded in summer months.

Board President Rod Ansley shared that he is in the process of creating paving plans.

“Roads remain a priority,” he said.

Community Manager Jeanette Mendence announced that the Stables are currently signing up students for Horse Camp.  The Stables will also be hosting an Equestrian Tea Party on Saturday, May 19th where they will be showing the movie “Alice in Wonderland.”  The cost is $10 per person or $25 per family.  Dressing up is allowed at the event.

To get in touch with the Seven Lakes North & South Landowner’s Association, please call (910) 673-4937.