Road “Speed Humps” Installation

Seven Lakes North has recently been collecting data within the community with the help of a speed sign.

With an ongoing speeding issue evident based on the data, the Board has decided to install “speed humps” to help with safe traveling speeds inside the gates.

These humps are “a more gentle speed control mechanism” being two-and-a-half feet long with only a two-inch rise.

The Board worked with insight from the fire department, ambulance, and Sheriff’s Office to ensure that these humps (smaller than the speed bumps on Sequoia Dam) will have “minimal (if any) impact on response time” should emergency assistance be needed within Seven Lakes North.

With the height of these humps being lower than a speed bump, the large tires of emergency vehicles should be able to go over them smoothly.

The Board hopes that the speeding issue within the community will die down with the installation of speed humps.

“We hope that this provides the necessary incentive for our residents and visitors to adhere to our speed limit, and don’t have to go to more expensive options,” the Board wrote to the community.