Register for Kool Kids Summer Camp!

Kool Kids Summer Camp enrollment has commenced for the summer of 2019. Registration is now open for children to be enrolled in a summer camp that focuses on weekly themes where children will have the opportunity to participate in activities that are both exciting and educational.

Kool Kids Summer Camp is a Christian-based camp that features different biblical topics every day.

“We focus on Bible verses and practical application so that children learn how to handle life’s challenges with good moral choices when their parents might not be around,” said founder Shirley Norlin.

“Parents take comfort in knowing that we provide genuine care for their children as if they are our own,” commented Mrs. Norlin.

Kool Kids Summer Camp has been a part of the Seven Lakes community for fifteen years, and the camp coordinator, Ashley St. Onge, has been overseeing camp activities for over a decade.

“We put a great deal of care into not only the children, but the community, as well,” said Mrs. Norlin.

Kool Kids Summer Camp begins the first week that Moore County schools let out and runs until the last day of summer. Each week has a different overall theme, which features different activities, entertainment, and special visitors.

Parents take comfort in knowing that their children are enjoying themselves in an environment that is both wholesome and fun while children enjoy the diverse selection of activities available.

“We rotate between free play and organized activities, such as science experiments, arts and crafts, sports, and reading,” explained Ms. Norlin.

In addition, the facility offers basketball, air hockey, ping pong, foosball, and a craft center.

The Bookmobile comes from the Moore county library on a regular basis, and entertainment is brought to the children as opposed to sending the children on field trips.

Registration is currently open at $115 for a week of summer activities, Monday-Friday, 8:00AM through 5:30PM. Children may be dropped off or picked up at any time during these hours, and do not leave the facility. For more information, call Kool Kids at 910-673-6789 or email