GodSent Angels Reaches Out To Homeless in Community

In 2010, Ron and Brenda Burt, began an organization called GodSent Angels. GodSent Angels has actively been focusing on feeding and encouraging the homeless and those in need in the Moore County community. Using a variety of resources majorly provided by Ron and Brenda Burt themselves, they are able to assist those in need.

The mission of GodSent Angels is to, “Give people a hand up not a hand out. We try not to enable people but we try to help people.”

“I used to own a barber shop, I started Pinehurst Barber Shop back in the 80s so then I would come home and work at home and made my garage into a barber shop, the County inspected it. We are now able to do free haircuts, we have a shower so they can shower. We also have a washer and a dryer allow them to do their laundry here, and we pray with them,” Brenda said.

Brenda felt inspired to start this organization a long time ago, “I am a former homeless person, I know what its like to not have things, because we didn’t have much money.”

The events that GSA has coming up in the future include the Christmas party they hope to host this year and they are also collecting school supplies and book bags for children in need in the Moore County Community. GSA is always happy to have volunteers and help in their events.

“Right now I’m trying to collect kids clothes and baby clothes, so when they come to pick up their school supplies they can get some clothes as well,” Brenda stated. ”We are trying to prepare for Christmas and get going on collecting school supplies because it can take a while to get it all together. If kids want to clean out their toy boxes and bring toys or new toys we would be able to save those for Christmas.”

GSA has a warehouse in which they are able to store all the goods and supplies they are able to collect and distribute into the community in need. They also rent a tractor trailer each month which they continue to fill with donations and then transport to the warehouse.

Brenda Burt hopes to see GSA continue in the future to continually serve in the community to be able to reach out and help one those in need. “We will keep doing the same thing that we are doing now, with people dropping of canned goods and clothing.”

If you have any questions, wish to know more about volunteer opportunities or what kinds of donations GSA is specifically in need of, or even if you would like to know more information you can email Ron and Brenda Burt at godsent_angels@yahoo.com. To see past events and fundraisers that the GSA has held and shared with the community, you can go to their website at http://godsentangels.blogspot.com or find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Nonprofit-Organization/GodSent-Angels-Mission-455223268585843/.