New General Manager at Foxfire Golf Club

On October 27th 2019, Foxfire Golf took on its new manager, Shane Pearson.

Pearson got an early start in the golf industry when his dad began taking him onto the golf course as a four year old.

“I went to the course with him at four years old. I was more interested in feeding the birds and driving the golf cart at that time,” Pearson said.

At the age of fifteen, Pearson began working at his first golf course and proceeded to play in college.

“It’s the only thing I’ve ever done,” he said. “Typically the golf course is a happy place to be.”

While living in Texas, Pearson’s career in the industry grew until he began the general manager. So far, he has had eleven years of being a general manager, and Foxfire Golf will be the third location that he has managed.

Pearson had been in contact with Brown Golf about opportunities when the Foxfire position opened up. He had never been to North Carolina previously but was interested in seeing what it had to offer.

“I visited and fell in love with the area,” he said. “I’m originally from Bristol, Virginia, so it’s closer to where I grew up. I’m intrigued being around the home of American golf.”

Upon arrival, the Foxfire Golf members and staff welcomed Pearson, which influenced his decision to move across country.

“They made my decision easy to pack up from San Antonio and come to North Carolina,” he said.

The Golf Club isn’t the only good part about the move to NC.

“The mountains and trees are my favorite part,” he said. “In Texas, everything’s flat and dry. There’s not a lot of typography. My wife, Crissy, is from Texas, and she’s never seen the colors of fall and the changing seasons. She’s super impressed with it.”

Pearson and his wife managed golf club together for seven years in Texas. Pearson managed the golf club while his wife was the Food and Beverage Manager.

Pearson’s wife is currently taking an off season from managing to raise their four-month-old daughter, Penelope. With both of them being avid golf players, it’s likely that their daughter will be hitting her first tee in no time.

One thing that will set Foxfire Golf apart from other locations is their customer service. In 2011 and 2012, Newport Dunes, where Pearson managed, was the runner-up for the customer service award in Texas. It was also rated as the number two best rated golf courase in the state of Texas.

“I love taking care of customers and employees,” Pearson said. “I try to live by the Golden Rule: treat people how you want to be treated.”

As someone who regularly plays in the PGA, Pearson knows firsthand how the golf course helps folks to relax and escape from the stresses from everyday life.

“The golf course is a fun place to go relax. It’s five hours away from the stress… You put the stress aside and play a game for five hours to recharge your batteries,” he said.

His favorite part of managing the golf course is the people. Pearson takes the time to learn people’s stories, background, and where they’re from. He is excited to serve all club members and guests and provide an exceptional golf experience.

Since his arrival, Pearson has become familiar with the club and has given special attention to the restaurant. His goal is to have the previously closed kitchen up and running with new staff before the new year.

Pearson has experience perfecting a golf club’s kitchen. For three years in a row, his course was the number one public golf course with the best grilled food in town. His hopes to have an exceptional restaurant that serves monthly dinner specials.

Pearson has also started incorporating new events into the Foxfire Golf calendar, including the Turkey Trot Golf Tournament which will take place on Thanksgiving Day. More events are soon to follow as Pearson continues to engage his creativity within the establishment.

For more information about the golf course, visit Be sure to join their E-Club for monthly specials, and Like their Facebook page to keep up with upcoming events. To contact Shane Pearson, call (910) 295-5555 or email