Police Chief Temme Running for House

This year, Seven Lakes West resident and Southern Pines Police Chief Bob Temme, is running as a Republican Representative for the North Carolina House of Representatives in the 52nd legislative district. This position encompasses the majority of Moore County and the many communities within.

Bob Temme has been the Chief of Police since 2012 and has amassed over thirty years of law enforcement experience. He also has thirty years of firefighting experience, and is presently serving his third term as the President of the Moore County Law Enforcement Officers Association.

Temme first started his public service career over four decades ago at the age of fourteen at a volunteer fire department, where he remained for thirty-four years and became a life-member. His law enforcement career started in 1983, and he has been dutifully serving the public ever since.

After years of serving the public, Temme became frustrated when he saw what was occurring locally which conflicted with his core belief of Service Above Self.

“We live in a great democracy where the opportunity exists to make changes in our elected leadership,” stated Temme.

Temme stated that his primary platform is exactly what the position of Representative was designed to be. He feels the ideals have been strayed from in District 52. According to Temme, it is imperative that the Representative from District 52 be the voice on the state level to gain a wide range of advancements for the district.

“My platform is not to introduce legislation to further any personal interest. My opinion doesn’t matter,” stated Temme. “What matters is the opinion of the people of District 52. I will openly and honestly listen to those who have trusted me by voting for me to represent their issues and concerns. I am the vehicle of the voter’s voice.”

Temme is determined to keep Moore County in mind when making decisions as a representative.

“My best interest is here, in Moore County, in District 52,” explained Temme. “It’s about the citizens who live here and make up this wonderful community.”

Currently, there are no legislatively dictated term limits for the position of State Representative. However, according to Temme, “term limits are enacted at the ballot box when a qualified candidate comes along that voters believe can do a better job to help them achieve their dreams, goals, and aspirations for a better life for themselves and future generations.”

If elected to office, Temme would tackle many of the problems currently being faced by Moore County.

“Public Safety is an important issue in Moore County that needs to be addressed by our legislators that has a tremendous impact on a local level,” he explained. “Currently, the staffing levels of Judges, Magistrates, Assistant District Attorneys, and other court staff in Moore County is grossly inadequate to meet the current demand.”

This staffing deficiency will be further stressed given that the Prosecutorial Districts of Moore and Hoke counties have been combined, and the impacts of this merging will take place in 2021. Temme believes this puts public safety at risk, stating that “the case backload in our court system, caused by inadequate staffing, is delaying and denying justice which has resulted in serious repeat offenders remaining on our streets to victimize law abiding citizens in our community.”

In addition, Temme believes it is imperative that the Service Taxes being collected in Moore County no longer leave Moore County to be distributed in other counties.

“This change alone will better position Moore County to focus on other items of concern such as school safety, infrastructure such as sewer and water, as well as other areas identified as needing improvement as voiced by the community,” he noted, remaining passionate about the security of the district and those who call it home.

Temme, with the public safety and well-being of District 52 in mind, hopes to see changes made to this system to keep the public safe, having heard the voices of Moore County’s citizens in his time as Police Chief.