Make Fish Happy, Recycle Christmas Trees

Don Smith (center) and Brian Gilpin lower a Christmas tree into the water to Ethan Martin. Photo courtesy of Mike Meyer


When you dispose of your Christmas tree this year, the Lake Auman Sports Club (LASC) wants to use it to create a fish habitat in Lake Auman. 

For the twenty-seventh year, members of LASC and Seven Lakes West (SLW) community volunteers will be placing Christmas trees under docks around Lake Auman. 

This annual fish habitat project provides the lake’s small fish with protective cover to escape from larger predator fish and contributes to increasing the lake’s fish population, both in size and number.

Over the last fifteen years, over 800 Christmas trees have been placed under docks. Approximately forty per cent of the docks around Lake Auman have had Christmas trees under them at one time or another. 

Additionally, over 100 trees have been used to create deeper water reefs providing even more cover for the small fish.

You can drop off your tree in the designated Christmas tree drop area located at the Longleaf boat storage area. 

SLW residents who need assistance with disposing of their tree should contact Don Smith at 910-673-1618 or email