Community-Wide Bear Hunt

Over the past few days, families of Seven Lakes have been participating in a community-wide bear hunt. Not real bears, thankfully, but stuffed teddy bears that have been stashed about the neighborhood for local children to spot.

With schools, clubs, and most other local amenities shut down, many families have been limited on entertainment and have been finding alternative methods of passing time. Across the state, restrictions have been placed on how many people can gather in one place at the same time, limiting community activities for all ages. Cabin fever sets in quickly, however, so families have been looking for safe, clean, and local ways to get out and about without putting anyone at risk.

Inspired by the children’s book “Going on a Bear Hunt” by author Michael Rosen, the activity invites community members from all walks of life to participate. Teddy bears are hidden in windows, on porches, and in trees for children to spot from the street. The goal is for children to see how many bears or animals they can count in a single walk, successfully getting all family members out for some fresh air.

Engage with the community by heading out for a walk around the block or by placing a stuffed animal in a window of your own. There’s no limit to what kind of stuffed animal you can use or how many can be placed.

Though the standard is a teddy bear placed in a window, any stuffed animal can be placed anywhere visible on your property for others to spot from the street. Multiple stuffed animals from different vantage points work as well, adding a bit of variety for children on the hunt.

With Easter right around the corner and local holiday gatherings limited, consider hiding a stuffed Easter bunny in your window instead of a bear. Additionally, dressing up your home for Easter—or even just springtime in general—is a great way to not only brighten your spirits, but your neighbors’ and community members’, as well.

Families looking for more of a challenge than just teddy bears may draft up their own scavenger hunts to be done within the community or back yard. Take a walk around the community with a list of common and uncommon items, ranging from for sale signs to sail boats to doors of different colors. In your own back yard, look for wildlife such as squirrels, dandelions, and different types of insects, checking each item off of a list as you go. You never know what you’ll find, even in your own back yard!