Things You Should Try That Involve Staying Home

With companies making the shift to work from home and schools closing their doors, an overwhelming majority of people feel that they are “stuck” within their own home. Luckily, online services are rapidly gaining traction with something for everyone, whether it’s going to the opera, sitting in on an Ivy League class, or getting a workout with a personal trainer.

Understanding that theaters and public viewings are closed in a vast majority of states, streaming services such as Nickelodeon and Starz are offering free services. Sling TV, used in place of cable television, has released thousands of films, channels, and shows for free, urging viewers to “Stay in & Sling.”

Additionally, streaming service Vudu has new releases up for rent, including movies that only recently made their theatrical review for movie-goers who can no longer get to a theater. Disney+, which offers hundreds of family movies and TV shows, released critically acclaimed “Frozen 2” three months early, and its latest film “Onward” will be available at the beginning of April.

As with many live-performance venues, the Met has canceled all live shows until a later date. Instead, it will now be offering free encore presentations online, bringing Broadway to your home for the first time ever.

“During this extraordinary and difficult time, the Met hopes to brighten the lives of our audience members even while our stage is dark,” posted the company in a public statement.

Too busy to sit down and watch something? Hundreds of thousands of Podcasts, audio books, and radio shows are available online to keep your mind busy and engaged while driving, jogging, or working from home. Even gyms—including Gold’s Gym and Planet Fitness—are offering free online classes and audio services to help gym-goers keep active while their facilities are closed.

Unable to meet face-to-face, many are turning to video games to have some fun with their loved ones. The recent release of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows players of any age to virtually spend time with friends and family in an easy-to-play game that provides hours of entertainment when loved ones can no longer meet face-to-face.

For more variety, every modern gaming console has an extensive selection of games available in digital shops, eliminating the need to visit a store for your latest purchase. As it stands, Moore County’s GameStop in Aberdeen is accepting online purchases with curbside pickup for games and consoles that may not be available online.

Finally, to keep your mind active while in quarantine, why not try out some online classes? All eight Ivy League schools have begun offering hundreds of courses online, completely free to the public. Fill your schedule with classes from some of the most highly sought after universities in the country at no cost.

Never let your mind idle; keep yourself busy by taking advantage of the endless selection of resources that are free to the public, many for the first time ever.