West Siders Can Now Stay Up To Date On The New Revised Website!

For the residents of Seven Lakes West, being kept up to date on all news and activities in their community has just gotten easier and more enjoyable! The Seven Lakes West Board of Directors has recently updated their website for the better ease of use and understanding of possible new community members and potential newcomers.

The website was redesigned by several volunteers who gave of their time and talent to make the new website of easier and more efficient use to members and anyone who has interest in the Seven Lakes West community and amenities.

The goal of the website being user friendly is to provide a simple way for members to access updates for current events and activities. The website has been an anchor to guide members of the community already to register and have access to seeing more information about their community!

Yvonnne Merrill, the Communications Chair for the SLW Board stated, “We want to drive more of our members to the website because the website is the source.”

Members are sent an E-Blast every Friday which contains minutes from board meetings and notifies members of voting, budgeting, topics, meetings, club events, and other community matters.

Along with there being newly added icons on the website that take you directly to information that goes in depth of the kinds of available features of the Seven Lakes West facilities. The website includes a virtual tour that also introduces you to the gated community life and history of the SLW citizens.

The website also gives a glimpse to the area surrounding Seven Lakes West and the culture, shopping, recreation, education, and restaurants nearest to them.

“It is a wonderful place to live,” Merrill said.

Members are encouraged to sign up on the new website to receive the newsletters and updates from the new website. While the members can sign in and see a more detailed information page pertaining to their neighborhood, potential community members can view the Seven Lakes West community information about the golf club Beacon Ridge, homes, land, history, lakes, marina, activities, events, and clubs hosted within the gates of SLW.

For those who are interested in the social events and clubs within SLW they have those lists available. With a wide variety of different events going on and clubs to join, there are plenty of unique enjoyable activities to try everyday! With a plethora of activities like wine tastings, parties, cooking classes, there are also many events for children and families such as the summer concert series, an Easter egg hunt, and a trunk or treat!

With the advancement of the COVID-19 virus affecting the local community, now more than ever is the perfect time for members to sign up for the newsletter E-Blast because social distancing is at a peak importance. SLW is encouraging its members to sign up for their updates and sign in to be able to stay in the loop pertaining to any development of the COVID-19 pandemic that would impact their community.

For more information please visit www.sevenlakeswest.org or you can email the Seven Lakes West Board at board@7lakeswest.com.