Attacking Stubborn Body Fat

About five months ago Dr. Wright started working with a group of three women in their 50s and 60s – all of whom had struggled with uphill weight loss battles.

In addition to feeling tired, bloated, and low energy, they had tried various methods of weight loss only to have the same outcome of the extra weight on the scale.

Now, after months of working with Dr. Wright, they have begun to make progress.

Dr. Sharon Wright has a Chiropractic office located in Seven Lakes, but her office offers so much more.  With services like Dry Needling, “Transforming You” Weight Loss, Healing Pressure Wave Technology, and Detox Foot Baths, it’s the place to go for self care.

“I used to only lift my arm 90 degrees.  Now I can swing a full 360,” said Steve Adams who had help from Pressure Wave Technology.  Steve, owner of Talk 97.3 FM / 990 AM  WEEB Radio Station in Southern Pines, also lost 25 pounds in the “Transforming You” program.

“I do a lot of stuff in the office,” she said.  “People come in and are blown away by what I have to offer.”

With her weight loss method called Transforming You, the ladies began with a screening to test for candida – a gut growth that prohibits or slows the weight loss process.  All ladies tested positive.

The ladies began the process of preparing the body for weight loss.

The first phase was participating in Detox Foot Baths to help cleanse the body of toxins before proceeding to several weeks of Ultra Cleanse drops to clear out the candida.

“These drops are only available to doctors,” Dr. Wright said.

After slowly introducing the drops into their diets over a period of months, the ladies will be ready for the third phase of losing weight through Ultra Slim and Dr. Wright’s weight-loss program.

While all ladies remain on phase 2, they have already witnessed life-changing results.

“They’re feeling the best they’ve felt in years,” Dr. Wright said.  “They’re feeling good, have energy, and are sleeping better.”

One participant, Tammy, even had injections from her doctor to help lose weight which failed.  Once he saw her progress, he asked what she was doing.

“My doctor gave up on me,” Tammy said.  “Dr. Wright started me on this detox program.  It’s changed my life.”

In addition to having hope for the first time in years after multiple failed programs, Tammy is sleeping better, has no brain fog, and had even eliminated the prescription Prilosec from her life.  Her doctor was even astonished to see how her bloodwork had improved.

“Dr. Wright focuses on you and figures out what’s going on,” Tammy said.  “I’m excited to see what happens.”

“She knew the things she did for Tammy didn’t help her,” Dr. Wright said.  “They want to feel better, lose weight, and get their life back.”

The Transforming You program can take months and even up to a year.  However, with this slow and steady process, the lifechanging results are worth it.

“You need to be in it for the long haul,” Dr. Wright said.  “I want to use my knowledge and experience to really help them.”

The effects of candida include headaches, low energy, bloating, brain fog, fatigue, and more.  With Transforming You, foods that increase candida such as sugars, bread, and yeast are slowly eliminated from the diet.

“I’m always learning, going to seminars, looking for ways to help folks,” Dr. Wright said.

For more information on Transforming You and other services, call Wright Chiropractic at (910) 673-2225.  Located at 4317 Seven Lakes Plaza in Seven Lakes.