Hundreds of Pounds Lost on RxWellness Program

The Seven Lakes Prescription Shoppe now offers an RxWellness Program utilizine the Ideal Protein Weight Loss protocol.  It is a healthcare provider monitored weight loss protocol.

The program has four phases that get individuals on a moderate protein diet to help patients reach their weight loss goals.  Once the weight is lost they are phased out of the strict ideal protein foods, and steps are taken to help keep the weight off.

Because this program involves moderate levels of protein, the body’s muscle mass is able to continue to grow while the fat is reduced.  This is unlike diets with a lower protein intake that decrease both fat and muscle mass in the body.

“At the end of the program you end up with more muscle than you started with,” Pharmacist Rob Barrett said.  “This is a program that retains muscle mass.”

With this program, it’s more than just a diet.  A required meeting is held once a week for a one-on-one with a coach.  During these meetings, weigh-ins and measurements are recorded.

Since Barrett started offering the program in October 2017, he has had sixteen people join.  Altogether, they lost a total of about 319 pounds.

Seminars are held every first and third Wednesday of the month at the Seven Lakes Prescription Shoppe at 5:15PM.  These seminars explain details as well as the program’s protocol.  There are also testimonials from locals who are currently in the program.

“It’s a very rigid program,” Greg Davis of the Prescription Shoppe said.

Greg’s wife, Kay, started the program at the age of sixty-five when she was overweight.

“You’ve got to take that first step,” she said.

Now, at sixty-six, Kay has lost over thirty pounds and nineteen inches.  She is no longer on any medication.

Those who attend the seminar receive a $50 off coupon.  To register for a seminar, visit their Facebook page at

Barrett decided to add the program at the Prescription Shoppe after feeling like there was a “missing piece for health and wellness.”

Barrett gets goose bumps when he hears of some of his patients coming off certain medications after going through the program.

“It changes your lifestyle,” he said.

A starter kit for the program includes about a week’s worth of food, an initial consult with a coach, a health assessment, and a food journal.

In addition to having a new weight-loss program, Rob Barrett has also incorporated CBD oil into the pharmacy.  This was made possible with the help of Ed Ross, owner of Integrated Hemp Solutions in Southern Pines.

“It does not give a ‘high’… Hemp is totally different from the marijuana plant,” Barrett explained.  “We can’t claim that it’s a cure, but a lot of people are seeing results with sleep, insomnia, muscle cramps, kids with ADHD, etc.”

When taking CBD oil, individuals are encouraged to start on a low dosage and working their way up gradually to find the amount that works best for them.

“It’s a bell curve; you have to find the sweet spot,” Barrett said.

Barrett is also improving the pharmacy by expanding the compounding lab.

In order to comply with federal regulations that are scheduled to be in effect December 2019, Barrett has decided to expand the lab to have two separate compounding lab rooms.

The newest lab room will have negative pressure which helps to filter hazardous drug compounds out of the building for safety.

“Over the past six months I’ve invested over $100,000,” Barrett said.

The compounding lab provides the Prescription Shoppe with the ability to customize medications to meet the needs of clients.  They have the ability to make bio-identical hormones for treating menopause, pet medications, pain creams, shingles treatments, liquid medications for kids, and troches for erectile dysfunction to name a few.

Tablet medications can be turned into a liquid medication, dosages can be cut down easily, and product ingredients can be swapped out for those who may have an allergic reaction.

The Seven Lakes Prescription Shoppe is located at 120 MacDougall Drive in Seven Lakes and is open Monday – Friday 8:30AM-6:00PM and Saturday 8:30AM – 12:00PM.

For more information or to refill a prescription, visit or call (910) 673-467.  Be sure to download their new app “Seven Lakes Rx Shoppe”.