Senator Tom McInnis thanks NC Forest Service personnel for fighting wildfires in California, other Western states

Senator McInnis would like to thank the workers of the NC Forest Service who are working tirelessly on the West Coast against the wildfires. As a member of the NC Senate and of the Senate

Agriculture/Environment/Natural Resources Committee, he feels passionately about the work the NC Forest Service is undertaking.

“As a citizen and member of the NC Senate I am very proud of the men and women who work for the NC Forest Service,” Senator McInnis said. “Today, as we rest comfortably in our homes, 73 members of the Forest Service are putting their lives on the line in Texas, Oregon and California fighting several, very massive wildfires. Please join me and my family as we keep these brave individuals in our prayers for a safe return to their families.” 

Currently, seventy-three members of the NC Forest Service have been dispatched to provide emergency response across the nation, specifically in Oregon, Texas, and California. Begun by soot from cars falling into dry vegetation, sparks from power transmission lines, and even the use of a pyrotechnic device at a gender reveal party, these fires resulted in the loss of lives, property, and forced many people out of their homes.

“We have personnel assisting with aviation, incident command, GIS, heavy equipment, safety, communications, initial attack on the fire line as well as other functions, including some virtual assignments. That is part of the job, and we’re proud of those who do it.” said Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler.

In the face of danger, these Forest Service workers are showing great courage. They have risen to the challenge and are putting the needs of others above their own personal safety. Risking their lives, they are “unsung heroes,” who deserve our recognition and gratitude for their sacrifices.