The 1999 science fiction action film, THE MATRIX, will be playing under the stars at the Sunrise Outdoor Theater this Friday and Saturday nights, September 18 and 19. The popular classic movie stars Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss. The Sunrise box office opens at 7:00pm and the show starts at 7:30pm. Tickets available at the door only and are first come first served.

In THE MATRIX, Thomas A. Anderson (Keanu Reeves) is an ordinary programmer moonlighting as the small-time hacker Neo. He learns of a dark secret – the world as he knows it is all a computer simulation called the Matrix. He’s soon caught in the middle of a war between the human rebellion and their machine overlords, and realizes the crucial role he is destined to play in it.

The film’s revolutionary visual effects left a strong influence on action and science fiction movies that came after it. The “bullet time” action sequences this movie popularized have been borrowed, parodied, and done homage to in countless movies to this day. The effects go hand in hand with the stylized fight sequences, which borrow their influence from “wire-fu” techniques used in Hong Kong action cinema.

In addition to the special effects and intense choreography, THE MATRIX also boasts a deep and layered story that questions free will and predeterminism. The themes behind the movie were so complex that the actors were required to be able to explain it before they were cast. They had to read several philosophical texts before they were even allowed to look at the script.

Tickets to THE MATRIX are $10 per person. Seating is limited and is first come first served. Masks are required.  Guests are ushered to their assigned circle which can seat up to four people. When seated in the circle, movie goers may remove their masks and enjoy the Sunrise concessions and Southern Pines Brewing Company’s TOGETHER WE ARE MOORE draft beer.  Custom Sunrise chairs will be available for purchase. Groups larger than four should contact the Sunrise in advance for information on special seating options.

Full concessions will be available including the Sunrise’s Amish Country popcorn with real butter, locally made candy bars, assorted boxes of candy, sodas, beer, wine, and hard cider. Camp or beach chairs and/or blankets are recommended. No pets, coolers, or outside food permitted.

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