Trailer Stolen in Seven Lakes Leads to 3 Arrests

On October 9th, 2020, a report was made to the Moore County Sheriff’s Department that an enclosed trailer had been stolen from a residence on McDougall Drive in Seven Lakes. The trailer was located and recovered five days later on October 14th, and three individuals were arrested in relation to the crime.

The trailer, which was found in Robbins, North Carolina, was property of Mulligan Property Services LLC and contained tools and other valuable contents. Since the incident, community concern about theft, trespassing, and other property crimes has only grown.

To prevent any future thefts of trailers, Major Andy Conway of the Moore County Sheriff’s Department suggests trailer owners purchase tongue or coupler locks to keep their property secure. However, he also highly recommends that more households begin looking into security systems for their possessions and property as a whole.

“This day and age, we strongly encourage it,” said Major Conway. “Even a small security system will do the job. Whether it’s an affordable surveillance camera or a whole system, it’s becoming necessary.”

Footage taken from security cameras can provide a visual aid for law enforcement, while also assisting in positively identifying a suspect. Today, most security companies offer service plans that include video/audio surveillance. Individual cameras can also be purchased online for as little as thirty dollars per camera, allowing users to install cameras on their own without committing to a service plan.

Major Conway also notes that proper lighting is a significant deterrent for property crimes. As long as it is not pointed at a neighbor’s property or disturbing others, a well-lit property is essential in preventing crime. Lighting, when used in conjunction with locks and cameras, is not only the best way to secure property, but the most cost efficient, as well.

As always, Seven Lakes residents are encouraged to contact law enforcement if they see anything suspicious or sense danger.