North Side Nightly Teenage Disturbances

In recent weeks, Seven Lakes North has had increasing complaints regarding teenagers roaming about the community.

These teenagers are said to have been wearing hoodies and concealing their faces as they ring doorbells, kick doors, yell obscenities, and disturb the community peace.

The Sheriff’s Office advises that during such frustrating acts, families must make contacting them a priority.

“If there is any suspicious activity, call the Sheriff’s Office,” Captain Josh Craven said. “We’ll send a deputy out to catch the kids in the area.”

While there is concern for these teens being on landowners’ property, confrontation is discouraged.

“You can tell them to leave, but if they don’t listen, call us.  We’ll come over there and make them leave,” Captain Craven said.  “We can have it documented.  We don’t want confrontation to happen with someone ending up hurt.”

Concerned residents may call the Sheriff’s Office at (910) 947-2931.  Residents may call to leave an anonymous tip at (910) 937-4444.