A Hand-Tossed Seven Lakes Pizza

This National Pizza Day, plan a trip to Seven Lakes Pizza Kitchen to celebrate one of America’s favorite foods. Tuesday, February 9th, is a day dedicated to deep-dish deliciousness.

According to the pizza experts at Pizza Today, pizza sales in America alone total thirty-eight billion dollars annually. Three billion pizzas are sold every year, with an average of three hundred fifty slices of pizza sold every second.

Luckily for Seven Lakes residents, Seven Lakes Pizza Kitchen offers a solid variety of pizza styles, toppings, and sauces available to mix-and-match. While they do carry the American classic toppings of pepperoni, peppers, and an assortment of meats, they also offer more creative choices such as pineapple, anchovies, and broccoli for the adventurous.

Those looking for something extra can also choose from a menu of side supplements, including subs, wings, pastas, calzones, salads, cannoli, and more.

On top of the three billion fresh pizzas ordered every year, another billion pizzas are purchased frozen. It is estimated that ninety-three percent of people eat pizza at least once a month. In fact, according to California Pizza Kitchen’s National Pizza Survey, twenty-one percent of participants agreed that if they could only eat one food for the rest of their lives, it would be pizza, beating out steak, tacos, pasta, and hamburgers.

In spite of what feels like a universal (or at least national) love for pizza, it is still a hotly debated topic. Is pineapple a valid pizza topping? Are anchovies? Is red sauce or white sauce better? Thin crust, deep dish, or stuffed crust? Are the latest “trendy” pizzas, such as cauliflower crust pizzas, the future of pizzas?

Fresh, frozen, or homemade, pizza is one of the most common foods to chow down on for social gatherings. Superbowl Sunday sees more pizza sales than any other day of the year, often paired with chicken wings. Surprisingly, Halloween is the second busiest day of the year for pizzerias.

Join in on the fun this National Pizza Day and order a pizza from one of the seventy thousand pizzerias operating in the United States. For more information on Seven Lakes Pizza Kitchen, call (910) 673-0017.