Finding The Perfect Used Car For Any Budget!

Since early 2021, local salesman Carter Fitchett has been hard at work supplying Seven Lakes and surrounding areas with the best used cars on the market.

In keeping with his slogan “Who needs a car?”, Carter is firm in his belief he can find the perfect used car for any budget.

Born and raised in Moore County, long-time resident Carter Fitchett has the best interest of the local community in mind. Carter opened up shop in West End in January of 2021. Now, Carter’s Cars LLC works closely with Sandhills Collision Center in Seven Lakes to repair and restore cars to get them back on the road.

Vehicle prices at Carter’s range from two thousand to twelve thousand dollars. Currently, Carter’s Cars LLC offers pre-owned cars, trucks, and vans at wholesale cash prices to the public and to dealers. Though the vehicles may be used, Carter checks each and every vehicle for quality and fully discloses any issues the vehicle may potentially have.

“I’m open and honest with everyone,” assures Carter. “I’ll tell you exactly what you’re getting up front. I take care of my customers.”

When it comes to sales, Carter has plenty of experience under his belt, having been in sales for over twenty years. In the past two decades, Carter has sold everything from Direct TV to cellphones. He is a jack of all trades when it comes to sales and finding the best deal for a customer. Now, Carter is putting that experience to good use selling vehicles to the Sandhills.

“I was also a contractor for years, so I even sold myself!” joked Carter. “I treat everyone the way I wanted to be treated. I would never steer anyone wrong.”

According to Carter, his latest sales venture has been fulfilling thus far. He has been hard at work finding vehicles to repair, polish up, and sell. He even checks local and online auctions to keep an eye out for vehicles that potential customers have requested.

Buying a used vehicle allows buyers to get more car for their money. Oftentimes, a budget of under ten thousand dollars only allows for a down payment on a new vehicle, followed by additional monthly payments that may come with high interest rates. However, buying a used vehicle allows buyers to purchase a vehicle at a reasonable cost with lower payments and potentially more features than a brand-new entry-level car would offer.

Along with car sales, Carter’s Cars also offers detailing services for cars, trucks, RVs, and even boats. Detail specialist Lamar McCrimmon’s exquisite attention to detail leaves every vehicle looking flawless, and has for the past several years.

For more information about Carter’s Cars LLC, call (910) 673-1200 or (910) 639-8707 or find Carter on Facebook at Visit in person at 350 McDougal Drive, West End, North Carolina.