Letter To The Editor: What Are N/S Side Dues Getting Residents?

The following was written and submitted by Paul F Chavez as a Letter To The Editor and does not reflect the views of The Seven Lakes Insider. To submit a Letter, email Janna@TheSevenLakesInsider.com.

A Projected Dues Increase At 7 Lakes for FY2022

The total amount owners will be required if the $25 increase is approved is a $1,202 annual fee. Doesn’t sound like much until considering that close to 2,000 homes and several hundred unimproved lots are being billed.  

The last increase in dues amounted to $1,177, and this is what residents received for that increase. 

  1. Limited access to the debris collection site do to cost as a reason. At first only two days a week, currently now 4 days. 
  2. More fencing of the various lakes. 
  3. More horses are now housed at the facility at a greater cost that is not covered by income to maintain them. 
  4.  Roads covered by lose gravel that nearby home owners suddenly had major dust problems. 
  5. Roads covered by that gravel have not be painted.  

So with the new rate proposed what does a 7 Lakes resident have to look forward to? So far a proposal to FENCE COMMON AREAS OF LAKE SEQUOIA. Gee that’s a winner for sure. Maybe fill in the swimming pool with dirt. Speed bumps every 40’ on the roads. They just added two more on the access road on North gate less than 30’ apart. Is someone speeding after going through the gate, 30MPH in 30 feet? Note at this writing none are installed on the access on the South Side.  

For the increase in fees why are such amenities as trash/debris pickup not scheduled, improved boat portage access, new boat portages to many of the lakes where NONE EXIST for residence who also bear the burden of upkeep for the dams, weed & pollution control. Example in last newsletter there appears to be a shortage of funds to pay for state-mandated dam improvement. Who’s going to be billed for that? All residents. 

We seem to have a group of people who in the past and maybe in the future believe in constant increases in dues with little to show improved amenities for those who live here. When property taxes are added in the amount is high. (note: property tax records for Moore county are lower than the 9 counties nearby.)  

I am not sure what can be accomplished to control spending: cutting personnel cost, incorporation (that might help with the awful roads in the business section and all the pot holes), etc. Why not consider stopping the rewriting of the bylaws of what residents cannot do but what they can do.  

Paul F Chavez