Neighborly Asphalt Services In Timely Manner

For the past thirteen years, Seven Lakes Contracting and Asphalt Services, LLC  has been providing contracting and paving services to not only Moore County, but to all of North Carolina. Owners Sherry and Howard Hoke are confident in their company’s ability to deliver exquisite quality in both their work and customer service.    

Sherry and Howard Hoke pride themselves on providing top-quality customer care. With a combined forty-five years of experience in the construction industry, the couple is confident in their ability to deliver clients the level of attention they deserve.

“We want what’s best for the customer,” explained Sherry. “We show up on time, we get our proposals out the door in a timely manner. We’re very reactive and make sure to communicate so we can do our very best for the customer.”

According to Sherry, customers often complain that other companies have dropped the ball by not replying, providing inadequate work, or not being able to reach deadlines as promised. Seven Lakes Contracting and Asphalt Services is up-front and honest about what needs to be done and the best way to achieve a customer’s goals before starting the job.

In addition to asphalt and paving work, Sherry and Howard’s team provides a wide array of general contracting services. Depending on the size of the job and time available, Seven Lakes Contracting and Asphalt Services will also take on remodeling, renovation, and maintenance projects as well. The team is more than happy to tackle small-scale projects or larger, more complex challenges.

“We’re a full-service company, and we have your best interest in mind,” said Sherry. “We will tell you up front. If we can’t do it, we’ll recommend someone else that we trust.”

Seven Lakes Contracting and Asphalt Services was initially only a general contracting service when it first got its start thirteen years ago. As the demand for paving and asphalt work grew, Sherry and Howard made the decision to expand their business.

“We’d always be asked ‘who can I get to do my parking lot?’ so we made the decision to get into asphalt and paving ourselves,” explained Sherry. “Now, the paving aspect is what keeps us busy.”

Seven Lakes Contracting and Asphalt Services is an S.B.A. HUB Zone Certified general contractor licensed in the state of North Carolina and is insured to $5 million for general liability, plus all applicable worker’s compensation. The company is fully licensed and willing to take on both commercial and resident work.

Before making the move to Carthage, Sherry and Howard lived in Seven Lakes West. Despite their move, however, the company office has remained in Seven Lakes, staying true to its name.

“We have numerous references and have done a lot of work in the Seven Lakes area,” noted Howard Hoke.

For more information or to get in contact with Seven Lakes Contracting and Asphalt Services LLC, call 910-673-1318 or visit