Barron’s Boutique

This year, BARRON’s Boutique is going above and beyond to promote local artisans while bringing a breath of fresh air to the community. BARRON’s Boutique has quickly become not only a one-stop-shop for any and all home design needs, but an up-and-coming local hangout for the Seven Lakes area, as well.

Jennifer Boyd, who owns the shop along with her husband James, enjoys stocking the boutique with artisan goods from local vendors. Currently, local goods available include everything from barbeque sauce to live edge tables to local art.

“We really love to support local community,” explained Jennifer. “We love and are thankful when people support us. We like to use what we have to provide for artisans here in the community.”

In addition to home goods, BARRON’s Boutique also offers shoppers sweet treats and complimentary cold beverages. Visitors can choose from a selection of homemade baked goods provided by Seven Lakes baker Heather Watkins-Vaughan. Heather, owner of Baked with Love, delivers an assortment of baked goods every morning, including fresh baked bread, homemade cinnamon rolls, cookies hot from the oven, and more.

In the future, the Boyds are hoping to add a coffee shop area to the boutique. They plan to start off by selling a private label coffee blend to generate interest and test the water on how a coffee shop would fare in Seven Lakes. From there, they would like to offer a kitchen area and outdoor seating on a covered patio and picnic area.

“People are starting to get out and about again. We like to try to provide a space for the community to hang out and shop,” explained Jennifer. “We want to be a place the community is proud of and loves to bring their family and friends.”

In addition to artisan goods and a place to hang out, BARRON’s Boutique also hosts a live-paint day once a month. Seven Lakes artist Amy Smith sets up shop in the boutique and works on a painting from start to finish. Visitors are free to chat with her, watch her work, and ask questions about her art while perusing the boutique. Amy also regularly leaves artwork at the boutique that is available to be purchased.

To further promote local art, BARRON’s Boutique will be hosting a gallery night in either late spring or early Summer. Amy will have her art on display for the evening while visitors enjoy hors d’oeuvres, beverages, and a fun social gathering with a touch of class.

Jennifer and James have called Seven Lakes home for twenty-three years. They currently live in Seven Lakes West and are proud to call the community home.

“We love it here and we’re really excited to see the direction the community is taking,” said Jennifer. “We love how Seven Lakes seems to be refreshing with different events and businesses. It’s really coming back to life after the pandemic.”

For more information on BARRON’s Boutique, call (910) 673-3884, email, or find them on Facebook as BARRON’s Boutique (@barronsboutique).