Cookies for Caregivers

Group poses with FirstHealth administrator Kristen Ozark, after a successful delivery. Left to right: Duquette, Hitchcock, Ozark, and Tubbs.

What started as a friendly bake-off between Pennsylvania dads Jeremy Uhrich and Scott McKenzie has evolved into “Cookies for Caregivers,” a nationwide effort for home cooks to reward essential workers with homemade goods.

Today, Cookies for Caregivers has seen hundreds of thousands of cookies baked for caregivers all across the country. Moore County has jumped in on the fun, with the Southern Pines chapter baking for an abundance of dedicated caregivers here.

Local baker Sue Hitchcock of Southern Pines was inspired to get involved when she heard about the project on the Today Show, and soon realized that this is a safe way to show kindness and appreciation to essential workers in Moore County.

“A friend and I started a local group, Cookies for Caregivers of Southern Pines,” Hitchcock said. “We currently have seventeen volunteers and have delivered 250 dozen cookies to over 50 locations throughout Moore County such as health care facilities, nursing homes, fire and police departments, and animal shelters to name a few.”

The Seven Lakes, West End, and Eagle Springs fire departments are among the many organizations to have received sweet treats from the local Cookies for Caregivers initiative. The group’s first delivery was to Moore Regional Hospital, which received 335 cookies.

As of March 25, the Southern Pines chapter has delivered 3,260 cookies to more than 50 locations. The chapter continues to look for new volunteers to help spread the love to first responders, health professionals and essential workers all across the community.

For further information and details on how to participate, contact Sue Hitchcock at Volunteer bakers, pickups, and deliveries are always welcome and needed.

You can also find the local chapter on Facebook.