Seven Lakes Chiropractor Relocates, Adds Services

Dr. Sharon Wright (left) and Nurse Practitioner Ellen Landreth (right) will begin seeing patients at Seven Lakes Medical Center this June. Photo by Tim Landreth.


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After 10 years providing adjustments and medical care in Seven Lakes, Dr. Sharon Wright, of Wright Chiropractic Clinic, will begin seeing patients at a new location in Pinehurst this month.

It’s a move Wright has been contemplating and preparing for since early 2020. With the location change, she is introducing a renamed and integrated medical practice: Seven Lakes Medical Center. 

The rebranded practice featuring new medical providers and expanded services reflect her goal to deliver cutting-edge, conservative healthcare.

“We are now focusing on our integrated medical approach to bring our patients the best results and to get them back to living their lives without interruption or difficulty,” said Wright.

Ellen Landreth recently joined Wright’s team as a nurse practitioner and has been training alongside Landreth to provide advanced medical services such as regenerative medicine, functional medicine, trigger-point injections and intravenous vitamin and mineral infusions alongside chiropractic and rehabilitative care. 

The practice is owned by Charlotte-area medical doctor Chad Howard and will also employ a physical therapist. Howard will make monthly visits to the practice and will provide oversight and support.

Wright, a chiropractor for over 30 years, is excited to bring more comprehensive and advanced care to her patients. 

“It’s the wave of the future,” she said. “I’m glad we have surgery as an option, but if we can help somebody naturally heal and repair joints, that’s huge.”

Wright worked as a medical lab technician in a hospital for eight years before looking to make a career change. She met a husband-and-wife team who were building a chiropractic practice and introduced her to the profession. “I just thought it was exciting that somebody could come in feeling pain and could feel better without taking medication going out the door. I’ve been excited ever since,” she said. 

Wright attributes this life-long excitement about helping people with her practice’s evolution. “I’m always looking for something more to help patients. I’m always trying to solve problems, trying to figure out how I can help people knowing there has to be another way.”

Anyone experiencing pain, who has trouble doing the things they normally do can benefit from the treatments the new practice will provide, says Wright. The practice will focus on functional improvement rather than suppressing symptoms with opioids or other drugs. Providers at Seven Lakes Medical Center will work together to help patients achieve the goal of eliminating chronic pain. 

Landreth says she personally experienced the benefits of regenerative medicine.

“I wanted to feel what it feels like and to know what happens afterwards, whether I could feel any side effects,” said Landreth, who experienced nagging post-surgical hip pain. “Since I did this almost four months ago, I’ve been sleeping through the night, not taking any ibuprofen and walking around four miles every day.”

The new location will feature a large rehab gym and space for regenerative medicine, trigger point therapy, bracing, decompressing and chiropractic adjustments. “I’m looking forward to offering something we don’t have here in Moore County all under one roof,” said Landreth.

Their hope is to help those suffering from pain who want to avoid surgery and drugs. “Our office is going to share our excitement,” said Landreth. “We’re going to bring people in. We’re gonna get to know them. We’re going to help them get their lives back. We’re going to be family.”

Seven Lakes Medical Center is now located at 30 Parker Lane in Pinehurst.

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This story has been updated to clarify that Dr. Chad Howard is a medical doctor.