Social Media Rumors of Planned School Shooting Unsubstained

A post on social media talking about a possible shooting planned for this morning at Union Pines or Pinecrest High School quickly took on a life of its own Tuesday and Wednesday spreading across our community.

Catherine Murphy with Moore County Schools has confirmed the school system became aware of these threats to students Tuesday afternoon. She and local law enforcement officials have stated that the post have been investigated and are unsubstantiated.

A note from school Principal Andy McCormick was reportedly sent out Tuesday with the following:

“We are aware of conversations circulating on social media of a planned incident at the school Wednesday morning during a break between classes. Please know that Moore County Schools Police has been investigating this matter since late this afternoon and we do not consider this to be a credible threat. We will be placing additional officers at the school for added security and to interview students involved in these conversations. We will share more information as it becomes available. If you observe any suspicious activity, please report it immediately to a teacher, administrator police officer or to the main office. Thank you.”

According to Murphy although extra security was added to the schools as a precaution, the school day continues as normal with all planned activities.

This post was shared with permission from The Aberdeen Times.