Over-2-Tom’s No Longer Accepting New Boats For Repair

As of January 2017, Over-2-Tom’s Complete Auto, Marine, & RV Service will no longer accept new boats for repair, and “Marine” will be leaving their title.

After spending over twenty years working for dealers, Thomas Dusch decided it was time to become his own boss. In 2013 he opened his own shop on Grant St. in Seven Lakes.

Although boats and vehicles both have engines, they are completely different. Because boats have more wiring and fiberglass, repair takes more time and patience. Boats also take up more space.

“[Boats] take up too much room in the yard, [and there’s] too much work,” Dusch said. “They take up too much time.”

Over-2-Tom’s will still be repairing boats that are under warranty as well as some minor repairs, but for the most part Dusch has decided to act on the vision he has for his shop – focusing on automobiles and RVs.

In fact, Dusch plans on opening a body shop and hopes to have a full RV shop built within the year. An RV shop will have enough height to park RVs inside, enabling Dusch to repair them more easily.

“We’re a small company here to cater to customers,” he said. “We’re not a big franchise. You’re a customer, not a number.”
Dusch recognizes RVs as more than another vehicle and treats them as such.

“We take pride in working on [them] as a [customer’s] second home,” he said.

For any questions, contact Tom Dusch at 910-673-0451 or email over2toms@gmail.com. Over-2-Tom’s is located at 250 Grant St. in Seven Lakes.