Send Money To Family & Friends Instantly Using the First Bank Mobile App!

During the first quarter of 2018, First Bank added yet another benefit to their mobile banking, “Cent”!  “Cent”, allows users to send money instantly from person to person by simply using their mobile phone number.

“You can get funds to someone with just their mobile phone number,” said Mr. David Zmiewsky [David Z.] who has been the Manager of the First Bank location in Seven Lakes since 2014.

As long as users have a debit card with First Bank and utilize mobile banking, money is able to be “Cent” instantly from person to person using just a mobile phone – perfect for sending funds to children in college, family, or friends.

“If you go out to lunch with a friend, to pay them for your share, you can “Cent” it to them,” Said David Z.

The program is known as “Cent” and is a person to person instant electronic transfer service.  Funds can be sent to anyone, even if they are not with First Bank.

For those receiving funds from a First Bank customer who do not have a debit card, they will be prompted to provide their routing and account number, and the funds will be transferred within two to three days.

To “Cent” funds, simply go onto the First Bank mobile app, available on both iPhone and Android, and select “Cent” from the menu.  Select “Send Money” and enter the fields of information to have funds “Cent” to anyone you need to.

Once the money goes through, a confirmation text will go through to the receiver of the funds.

First Bank is also proud to declare that they had a record-breaking first quarter in 2018, increasing their earning per share by 106%.

First Bank in Seven Lakes will be moving to a new location over the next couple of years due to the expansion of NC HWY 211.

“We will be moving to a new building location in Seven Lakes,” said Mr. Z.

While changes are taking place in the bank, Mr. Z will remain the manager and is actively involved in finding a new location.

First Bank in Seven Lakes is currently located at 4295 NC HWY 211 in Seven Lakes.  For more information on “Cent” or any other of your banking needs, call First Bank at (910) 673-9211.