B3: Bodies By Becky

Becky Millard moved with her family to Seven Lakes a couple years ago from Florida.  While she has moved multiple times with her husband in the military, she has always been involved in the field of fitness and personal training.

In college, Becky studied to be an athletic trainer while getting her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science and Sports Medicine before proceeding to get her Master’s in Exercise Science.

At one point, she even had her own fitness studio in Jonestown, Pennsylvania.

“I really love helping people get stronger,” she said.

While in Florida, she was involved with a kid’s program in a CrossFit gym.

When moving to North Carolina with her husband and two children, they knew they wanted an older home with character.  The family had no more than four hours to find the perfect home in Seven Lakes South.

After moving in, Becky found a position working at FirstHealth Fitness Center before deciding to become a personal trainer on her own time.

In December of 2015, she and her family converted their basement into a gym for Becky’s new venture – B3: Bodies By Becky.

B3: Bodies By Becky is focused on helping individuals get stronger to better accomplish daily activities and fitness goals.

“Husbands can be astonished at how much their wives can do after getting some time in strength training,” Becky said.

Becky works one-on-one with clients and caters to their individual needs.   She has worked with individuals from age fourteen to seventy-five.

Her youngest client was a dancer who came to her looking for assistance building muscle to correctly perform a dance move.  Becky was able to help the dancer reach her goal.

“[It’s] biomechanics and the physics of movement,” she said.  “Always recognize that you need to push your body and stress it to get that desired outcome of strength and endurance.  The younger you are, the easier it is to grow muscle. However, it is still possible at an older age.”

One of her older clients came to her and had never worked out before.

“[Now,] she lunges better than some of my thirty-year-olds,” Becky said.  “Her bone density increased dramatically, her cholesterol went down, and she has increased muscle mass.  It’s amazing to see life and vitality come back.”

When Becky started her personal training in January 2016 , she gave one month free to friends and her church family for them to try out and help spread the word.

Becky charges $20 per half-hour session.  Her first session with a client is one full hour to allow for time to observe movement as well as measure biometrics (like body fat/muscle mass and hydration) and review healthy eating principles.  Her low rates help clients to afford to return and continue to focus on building muscle.

“If I charge less, I’ll see them more,” she said.  “I just want to help people move better so that they’re have a more abundant life.”

In addition to being a personal trainer, Becky also has a Ladies ONLY fitness class at Seven Lakes Baptist Church on Monday nights at 6:30 to 7:30pm. This is a free class for the church and the community.

“We do a variety of movements so all levels can participate and I make it so that it is reproducible for home workouts,” she said.

Becky currently has some openings in her schedule for personal training, specifically in the mid-day.

One of her clients, Ellen Burke, who is in her sixties began working with Becky about a year-and-a-half ago.

“I definitely can see a positive difference… I want to know the correct form of how to do things,” Ellen said.  “If you don’t have the correct form, you won’t have the positive impact.  I can’t say enough good things about her.  She is phenomenal.  There is not one minute when she isn’t totally focused on you.”

After returning from a vacation trip, Ellen had injured one of her knees.  Becky was able to help with some exercises, and the pain ceased.

Janet Farrell has been seeing Becky for a year and has seen significant improvement in her life.  She came to Becky with full osteoporosis in her spine and hip with a high risk of bone fracture.  After working with Becky, Janet’s bone density is now normal.

“Clearly there’s a positive difference,” Janet said.  “I feel better, sleep better, and this is the most energy I’ve had in years.”

“I want to help people become more productive in their daily lives so they can do more and be more,” Becky said.

To learn more about B3: Bodies By Becky, call Becky Millard at (850) 525-6387.