Can’t Take Your Pets Out Of Town? Let Moore Farmsitting Care For Them!

Rachel and Charli of Moore Farmsitting

Charli Franks and Rachel Stone met during their real estate careers in December of 2017.

After discovering their mutual love for animals, the women discussed ideas and dreams of having their own business dedicated to pet sitting and farm sitting.

“We both have the same mutual love for animals,” Charli said.  “The conversation started back when we met, and we’ve been talking about it over time.”

On August 29th, Charli and Rachel decided to turn their hopes into a reality in the form of their new business called Moore Farmsitting.

Both women have a background in the equestrian community, and they are excited to provide services to the Sandhills area with a special focus on Seven Lakes community.

“I think it’s safe to say that we’d like to focus on this area as well,” Rachel said.

Although the business has been in operation for less than two months, Moore Farmsitting is becoming quite popular.

“For the month of October, we’re pretty booked,” Charli said.

While farm sitting is one focus of the company, Moore Farmsitting also includes other services to pet owners such as farm sitting, pet sitting, lunchtime dog walking, and overnight stay with pets.

“We’re trying to cover all the bases,” Charli explained.  “It’s people trusting us with their animals.”

“We can pop in a few times a day for breakfast and dinner and walk them in the evenings.  Whatever they need,” Rachel said.

Charli and Rachel set themselves apart from other pet sitters with their unique approach to new clients and pets.

“We have a consultation in-house first,” Rachel said.  “We meet them and meet the animals – both of us.  We take notes on the animal names and what the needs are…  It’s important that we meet everyone.”

Charli and Rachel also provide a questionnaire for clients to fill out so that they have records of everything relating to the pets.

“That way we’re not having to call about food or medication, and we can go through it for emergency contacts and vet contact information,” Charli said.

“We just want to be professional about this business,” Rachel said.

“We’re both professionals,” Charli said.  “We’re doing this because we have a passion for animals.”

With both ladies working together they are able to provide backup for one another to ensure that pets are cared for.

“We both want to be there,” Charli added.  “We are backups for each other.  A lot of pet sitters are kind of alone.  If one of us can’t make it, we have backup.”

Moore Farmsitting works on a case-by-case basis to care for all animals.

“A lot of pet sitters are specific to dogs and cats.  We are equipped to take care of horses, donkeys, kittens, goats, all the way down to a fish tank,” Charli said.

They even have experience caring for performance horses with the particular care that they need.

“We’re familiar with that kind of thing,” Rachel said.

When scheduling an appointment with Charli and Rachel, it’s important to schedule as far in advance as possible.  However, they will try to work with clients, even on short notice.

“We try to be flexible,” Charli said.

“I just want it to be known to the world that our service that we offer is kind of going to be set apart. We understand what good customer service is,” Rachel said.

With the month of October already busy, Charli and Rachel are already booking holiday appointments.

Moore Farmsitting is also looking for individuals to join their team as the holidays approach.

To book an appointment or to join the team, call (910) 684-3336.  The ladies may also be contacted at their emails, and

Be sure to check out their website at and visit their Facebook page at