Celebrating 100 Years Of Life

On Saturday, September 22nd, Melba Bostic had a surprise birthday celebration thrown for her in honor of her 100th birthday.

The celebration was held at Melba’s home at Seven Lakes Assisted Living and Memory Care.

Family, friends, and staff gathered to spread love and good wishes to Melba on her special day.

Melba’s daughter, Gay Brisbon, had some special words to say regarding her mother.

“I am truly blessed,” Gay said.  “Who i am today is because of my mother.  Who I intend to be is because of my mother.  She taught me to love everybody.  We are all brothers and sisters.”

Gay also expressed how important the Seven Lakes Assisted Living and Memory Care was to Melba how Melba considers it to be her home.

“She loves this place so much, and I just want to say thank you,” Gay said.

Melba’s favorite thing about the Assisted Living and Memory Care is that “if you don’t want to get up, you don’t have to” and the fact that they serve “nice food.”

Life Enrichment Coordinator Janet Alston with Melba Bostic

“It’s very nice here, that’s why I want to come,” Melba said.

Family members remembered some of their favorite memories with Melba over the years.

“I remember one time grandma went to make homemade apple pie and got stung by a bee,” said Melba’s granddaughter, Anita, as she told the memory with a smile.

“She loves to cook sweet potato pie,” said Yolanda.  “One time she cooked it and I was 8 years old.  At night I got up and ate the whole pie!  She made another one the next day.  She makes the best sweet potato pie.”

Melba Bostic with her daughter, Gay Brisbon

“She always said do unto others as you want them to do to you,” Gay said.  “I carried that with me throughout life.  If you go by that, it’ll work.”

Melba has a favorite memory of her own when it comes to her family.

“[My favorite memory] is trying to keep Santa Clause from them,” Melba said.  I was storing stuff away so they wouldn’t find it.”

Melba enjoyed her 100th birthday with family and friends and continues to reside at the Seven Lakes Assisted Living and Memory Care in West End.