Celebrating Cal’s 85th Birthday

Seven Lakes Firefighters Tim Bouchelle and Cal Loy

It’s important to thank our local heroes for willingly protecting and serving the community, but there’s also a celebration for acknowledging their birthday – especially one who has been serving for the past 30 years.

On Sunday, March 7th, the Fire Department hosted a drive-by birthday party in honor of Cal’s 85th birthday which took place on Wednesday, March 10th.

Friends and residents drove by the Fire Department to display appreciation for Cal.

Seven Lakes North resident Cal Loy has been with the Seven Lakes Fire Department since 1991.  He even served as the Fire Chief from 2002 – 2012.

“We appreciate his hard work and dedication to Seven Lakes,” Fire Chief Chris King said.

Cal has made many memories since joining the fire department.  He continues to serve as the Deputy Chief of Administration, and has the honor of working alongside his grandson, TJ Bouchelle.