Aerospace Engineer Fixing Local Cars

Charles (Chuck) Dinkel opened AutoWerks in West End back in January of 1990 and has been working with automobiles for over forty years.

Chuck was born in Wisconsin into an Air Force family and eventually moved with them to North Carolina where he completed high school and attended NC State University.

He attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering but decided to stay in North Carolina, first in Raleigh and later in Moore Co., to pursue a career in the automotive business.

Chuck currently runs AutoWerks with the help of his wife, Lorraine.

“We are soup to nuts here,” Chuck said.  “We work on everything but body work and are equipped to handle routine service up to diagnostics and major repairs.”

The AutoWerks team functions with the goal of working in the interest of the clients.  They listen to the concerns and expectations of the cars’ owners and service the vehicle accordingly.

“We want to understand how they use their cars and what their expectations are in terms of maintenance.  We like to tailor service to their particular needs,” Chuck said.  “Some customers drive 2,000 miles per year while others are driving 30,000 per year.”

“Our commitment at AutoWerks is an open, honest relationship with our clients. We want them to feel confident that their auto is being cared for correctly.”  Before Chuck started working on vehicles in college, he relied on the recommendations of repair shops.

“I remember clearly standing on the other side of the counter getting my car fixed.  I remember not knowing anything when talking to someone about my car,” he said.  “Clients are vulnerable to people trying to sell them something.”

Some clients have been working with Chuck for twenty-five years.  He maintains a good relationship with auto owners by being straight with them and providing top line service.

Chuck’s area of expertise is in imported vehicles such as Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Audi, VW and Mini Cooper.

“The kind of person who can work on cars is different now,” he said.  “You still have to have mechanical abilities, but now you need a good foundation in computers and electronics. We employ the best technicians, invest in diagnostic tools and use quality parts in order to achieve the best results.”

Chuck is constantly extending his knowledge of automobiles to keep current with technology in order to continue to provide excellent service.

“We always intend on being able to handle all of the issues that come up with any vehicle that we service,” he said.

“Chuck likes a challenge,” Lorraine said.  “What sets us apart is his depth of knowledge and depth of experience.”

AutoWerks is located at 2036 Juniper Lake Road in West End. They are open from 8:00AM-5:30PM Monday through Friday.  To schedule an appointment, call (910) 295-5888.  To learn more information, visit